To be lonely is a habit
like smoking or taking drugs
and I’ve quit them both
but, man, was it rough.

Jenny Lewis - Head Under Water // NEW SONG

Another year, I need a sundae. 

“I have no idea what’s been going on lately,
And I wish you’d just come over and explain things.”
— “Plane Crash in C” by Rilo Kiley (via nowhere-now)

Jenny Lewis Scoring 'Very Good Girls' Starring Dakota Fanning & Elizabeth Olsen 


But perhaps even more intriguing, former Rilo Kiley frontwoman, and solo artist in her own right, Jenny Lewis will serve as composer and music supervisor on the film. It’s a pretty nice move for a film that will clearly delve into the tough coming-of-age of two young women, to get a woman to provide the music as well. Lewis has written and sung her own fair share of love lost and found to acclaim over the years, and undoubtedly, her keen musical ear makes a great choice to help round out the additional tunes for the movie.


Jenny Lewis // Head Underwater

NEW SONG.  It’s great.  Duh.


Jenny Lewis, Elvis Costello, and Zooey Deschanel, Carpetbaggers

I’m a carpetbagger, baby.

to be lonely is a habit 


like smoking or taking drugs. and i’ve quit them both but man was it rough.


jenny lewis x coachella x refinery29


jenny lewis x coachella x refinery29


“Glendora” - Rilo Kiley

It’s New Year’s Eve, I’m in Glendora
I’m the only living person in Glendora
Heading east on the freeway
I left my prom dress on the bus-stop in Duarte
I switch the rules, you take advantage
You know I always like to play the victim
And would you fuck me? Because I’d fuck me
Am I your wetnap?
Freestyle walking

I cry, cry, cry, then I complain
Come back for more, do it again
I cry, cry, cry, then I complain
Come back for more, do it again

I’m on my way, I want to see you
You’re in your bedroom with some dancers underneath you
I come inside, I hear the door slam
You tell me if I really loved you I’d get with them
They make me sick, you make me sicker
But I want to please you so I go and I get with her
I close my eyes, I think about me
I’m just your wetnap
Freestyle walking